Don’t Call Me Boomer-Older Americans Challenge Generational Labels – AARP – What happened to names that honored the aged and aging in our society? Elder, mentor, sage, guardian? Give us language that helps us honor and embrace your lives, and learn from you!


Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease | NutritionFacts.org How low level inflammation promotes cancer.http://ow.ly/g2Xj5 #cancer #autoimmune

Whaaaat? APHA Supports Mercury Use in Dentistry http://ow.ly/frb7U Mercury toxicity is #1 cause of conditions I see in my practice.

Preventing Wrinkles with Diet http://ow.ly/fr8M9 Green & yellow veggies save the face from wrinkling! Mom was right: eat your veggies!

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep http://ow.ly/fp0J0 No surprises here: plants protect the skin. Especially green tea, apples & prunes.

Go for a walk today. Get some sunshine (Vit D), fill your lungs, move your muscles, observe beauty around you. Feel good.

Ergothioneine: A New Vitamin? | http://ow.ly/ffwIL – One more reason to eat your mushrooms! Mushroom burgers for dinner tonite!